Which buildings were included in the Townscape Heritage project in Northwich?

A survey was carried out and prepared by Purcell, a firm of architects and heritage consultants specialising in the conservation of the historic environment.  The work was undertaken by Robert Lister BA(Hons) MArch RIBA and updated in August 2015.

This was a visual survey made of the timber framed properties on High Street and Witton Street, Northwich that had been highlighted as being suitable for improvement under the Townscape Heritage project and were categorised into High priority, Medium priority and Reserve as the map indicates.

The building owners were contacted in order of the priority categories identified.

In total 14 properties received capital funding by the time the project closed down on 31 January 2023.

These included:

  • ‘The Melting Pot’ – J.S. Trophies & Sunny BBQ (96-102 Witton Street)
  • Burton Building (51-53 Witton Street)
  • Crafty Stitches (48 Witton Street)
  • One 2 One (50 Witton Street)
  • Post Office (58-60 High Street)
  • Hays Travel (29 Witton Street)
  • Crane Counselling (107 Witton Street)
  • Dry Cleaners (109 Witton Street)
  • Northwich Art Shop (111 Witton Street)
  • Quartz Hair & Beauty (116 Witton Street)
  • Golden Horse (118 Witton Street)
  • Helen’s Hair (83 Witton Street)
  • Charlie’s Café (85 Witton Street)

The Melting Pot, 96-102 Witton Street

Burton building, 51-53 Witton Street

Post Office, 58 & 60 High Street

One 2 One & Crafty Stitches, 48 & 50 Witton Street

Hays Travel, 29 Witton Street

Northwich Art Shop, Dry Cleaners & Crane Counselling, 107- 111 Witton Street

Golden Horse & Quartz, 116-118 Witton Street

Helen’s Hair & Charlie’s Café, 83 & 85 Witton Street